It’s spring break weekend! So, what else would a DC-area photographer do except camp at a national seashore with photographers from DC Focused? Roughly 37 miles long, Assateague Island runs along the eastern shore of the Delmarva Peninsula and consists of two sections. Assateague Island National Seashore, run by the National Park Service, in Maryland and Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia. While many were spending their Easter weekend in Ocean City just five miles to the north, the beaches at Assateague were practically desolate.

Friday evening started off with a magnificent sunset that even included a sun halo! Of course, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to capture the stars in the night sky. Since the moon was just past full, the Milky Way wasn’t visible but the moon rise left me speechless. And what else do photographers do when they can’t shoot the night sky? Break out the steel wool and do some light painting on the beach of course!

Oh, and if Assateague Island is ringing a bell it’s probably because of the historic ponies. Not the same as the Chincoteague ponies driven annually across Assateague channel, the Assateague horses are wild and are specific to the Maryland side of the island. And while wild, if you leave your car door open they may still come up and investigate!

While a busy park in the summer with its beaches and short distance from DC, if able during shoulder season, take a trip to visit this stunning national seashore.

The sun just before it sets over Assateague Island
The light-pollution glow of Wallops Island and Chincoteague give way to the stars above
The horizons glows bright red and reflects in the marsh just before sunrise
Looking for a meal in the shallow waters of Sinepuxent Bay
A seagull rests on a bench just before sunrise
An Assateague wild horse grazes on the grass for breakfast
An Assateague wild horse walks through the marsh
Waves from the Atlantic Ocean crash onto the Assateague Island beach
One last catch for this fisherman as the sun begins to set over Sinepuxent Bay
A lone, dead tree stands on the sandy beach at sunset
Trails from steel wool brighten up Assateague beach in this long exposure
The sun makes a brief appearance over the Atlantic Ocean before disappearing behind the clouds