Photographer ~ Engineer ~ Explorer

Joseph Gruber looking up at the night sky as the Milky Way shines bright overhead Joseph Gruber is an award-winning photographer based in the Washington, D.C. area with a passion for exploring and sharing all of the beauty that our “Blue Marble” has to offer. From the wonders of the night sky to the majestic views of our national parks and even the adorableness of a cute puppy, my photographic portfolio spans a diverse view of the world around us.

With a love and enthusiasm for the outdoors, I am often found exploring the trails and parks both near and far. Whether capturing sunrises from the peak of a mountain, searching for thunderstorms with bolts of lightning or seeking beautiful sights over the horizon, my landscape photography has allowed me to witness and share some spectacular views. As a NASA project manager and systems engineer supporting earth science satellites monitoring our Blue Marble, my photography passion also extends to those awe-inspiring skies above us at night.

Taking advantage of my proximity to the capital of the United States, I am often found at the front of the multitude of events, marches, and protests that occur in Washington, D.C. on a seemingly daily basis. Whether covering the 2017 presidential inauguration or documenting marches for equality and social change, there is no lack of exciting photographic opportunities in this area.

Volunteer Work

Joseph Gruber walking down a highway in South Dakota with green grass paralleling the road and blue skies overhead Joseph Gruber also utilizes his photography to give back and volunteers with Guiding Eyes for the Blind. While the landscape and night sky offer up amazing views, who can pass up those eyes of a beautiful puppy. Specializing in pet photography, I am able to share my photographs of our special service dogs with the amazing puppy raisers that give so much of themselves to provide a guide dog for the visually impaired. My pet photography for Guiding Eyes for the Blind can be seen on their website and social media.

Joseph also volunteers with the National Park Service as a Special Events Photographer for the George Washington Memorial Parkway and his photos can often be seen on National Park Service social media.

 Awards & Exphibitions